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 class of 2012?

Years of hard work, good times and bad, the times of your life make up the American college experience. It's now time for '10 to make their mark. Are you ready? Area hotels during orientation weekends begin filling up months in advance. Don't be left crashing on someone's couch, or in a hotel 50 miles away. Reserve your room today and make your scholar's day.

University Hotels makes it easy to find the best available accomodations. Try out our interactive hybrid satellite image maps to get a bird's eye view of a university and the surrounding area. Or browse hotels near universities.

  top 10 reasons people visit a college
  1. freshman orientation / convocation
  2. graduation / commencement
  3. homecoming weekend
  4. attend a conference
  5. family weekend
  6. perform research
  7. admissions tour
  8. guest lecture
  9. football game
  10. see an exhibition
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